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Derby to Kununurra Western Australia's Gibb River Road
Derby to Windjana Gorge National Park, El Questro Wilderness Park, Wyndham, Kununurra - 8 days

You can continue on with your Walkabout Wagon campervan rental to explore Western Austraila for more adventure, sightseeing and fun.  Plan the dream four-wheel drive adventure of a lifetime on a 660-kilometre trek through the expansive backwoods of Kimberly. Visit the freshwater crocodiles of Windjana Gorge National Park, then head to Bell and Lennard Gorges to bushwalk, swim, or camp. See the breathtaking aerial view of Mitchell Plateau and Mitchell Falls with a short flight, and then stay in the El Questro Wilderness Park on most any of the one million acres it encompasses. Use this as a base camp to enjoy horseback riding, getting in touch with nature and local wildlife, or cruise on down the Chamberlain Gorge for stunning views of the towering ridges and Wandjina rock artwork. Hire a campervan rental to bring along and make camping out that much easier. This trip will take some planning but is certainly worth it! 

Derby to Wondrous Windjana Gorge National Park - Day 1

Depart Derby at the rim of King Sound and make your way towards Windjana Gorge National Park. Trek your way amidst colourful birds to waterholes and see freshwater crocodiles by the hundreds that reside there. Explore Tunnel Creek, which once acted as the hideout for Jandamarra, an Aboriginal leader. The creek stretches for 750-metres into the Napier Range and you’ll see aged limestone ridges and bats by hand torch as you head down the tunnel. Spend an exhilarating night beneath a blanket of stars with your rental campervan.

Windjana Gorge National Park to Mount Hart Homestead - Day 2

Begin the day at Lennard Gorge, a less frequented area, with hiking to dramatic views of the gorge and waterfalls. Continue along to the picture perfect Bell Gorge with its 100-metre waterfalls cascading down horseshoe carved cliffs into deep waterholes. You can choose to camp for the night in Silent Grove or any of the other popular spots alongside Bell Creek. Conversely, bunker down for supper, bedtime and then breakfast in Mount Hart Homestead, just farther north where the welcome is warm. Head over to Leopold Range Conservation Park for a canoe or bushwalk along the waterways lined with pandanus.

Mount Hart to Manning Gorge - Day 3

Start your day at the easily accessible Galvans Gorge, a U-shaped landscape off Gibb River Road. Spend your morning relaxing, swimming, or swinging over the waterfall with a rope, an invigorating start to any day. Take the trek from Lower Manning Gorge to the pools and stunning waterfall at Upper Manning Gorge, passing by intricate Aboriginal rock artwork along the way. Enjoy an afternoon of fishing, swimming, or basking in the surrounding scenery from rocks nearby. Visit from May to July for the best views of the falls. Rest for the night in a local caravan park or find a campsite for your campervan rental.

Manning Gorge to Drysdale River Station - Day 4

Detour off Gibb River Road for the dazzling Mitchell Plateau in the north-west of Kimberly. Stop in at the Drysdale River Station within vast Mitchell River National Park, 115,300 hectares in total. Soar to the heights with a dramatic flight above Merten Falls, Mitchell Falls, and Prince Regent River, as well as the impressive coastline. Hike your way to King Edward and Mitchell Rivers or to Surveyors Pool for some afternoon activity. Pass through woodlands of white and grey box gums as you get close to the enormous diversity of wildlife. Stay at a local inn or find a campsite for your rental campervan.   

Drysdate River Station to Ellenbrae Station - Day 5

Enjoy a laid-back day as you meander along towards Ellenbrae Station Homestead. Choose a billabong to camp beside, or decide to hang around the homestead for an enjoyable dinner and next day breakfast joined by your warm, inviting hosts. Get out and experience the intriguing surrounding area on foot or by four-wheel drive towards adventure!

Ellenbrae Station to El Questro Wilderness Park - Day 6

Splash your way into the day with swimming at Durack River, or stop in Jack’s Waterhole or Pentecost River to fish barramundi. Take in the spectacular views of Cockburn Range, Pentecost and Durack Rivers and the Cambridge Gulf from a lookout in Cockburn Range. Next up is the still active El Questro Wilderness Park for a look at the million-acre cattle station, on the eastern rim of Kimberly. The station is home to a large range of accommodation from a deluxe homestead room to camping, perfect for your campervan rental.

El Questro Wilderness Park - Day 7

Begin the day with a boat ride through Chamberlain Gorge, with views of tropical foliage, towering overhands, and Wandjina rock artwork. Trek your way through thick Livingstonia palms for the warm pools at Zebedee Springs or enjoy an outback adventure on horseback alongside an El Questro guide. Hike to the El Questro, Amalia, or Moonshine Gorges and see the sights from Saddle Lookout. Get a glimpse of the broad range of Kimberly’s wildlife, made up of wild donkeys, frilled neck lizards, brumbies, bustards, sea eagles, goannas, jabirus, brolgas, and the various multi-coloured parrots of the region. Ensure to bring your camera to capture all the sights the area has to offer.

El Questro Wilderness Park to Wyndham or Kununurra - Day 8

The last day of your adventure offers plenty to see beginning with trees bursting with butterflies, vine covered forests, and the enormous, turquoise-tinged waterhole in Emma Gorge. Enjoy a spa experience after the hours walk to reach the gorge with a peaceful water-droplet massage, and swimming in Emma Gorge Resort. Snuggled between the pandanus and palms, this resort is a fabulous spot for relaxation before the end of the adventure on Gibb River Road at the intersection of Wyndham and Kununurra. 

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